Testimonials for Nigma Talib

Jamie Dornan Nigma TalibI love how Nigma works from the inside out. Knowing that you can only look and feel your best if you are functioning at your optimal health. She's truly an inspiration.

Jamie Dornan

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Nigma TalibIf I get a spot, people say, "It doesn't matter - you can get it airbrushed at work." That's true, but I also want to look fresh when I'm with my mum, or I'm having a romantic night in. That's why I'm diligent with my skin care. In London, I see [dermatologist] Dr Nigma Talib.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Stella Mccartney Nigma TalibDr Nigma's book is pioneering the real solution to ageing gracefully. It is a must read for anyone wanting to look and feel their best at any age.

Stella Mccartney

Penelope Cruz Nigma TalibDr. Nigma gives her patients power through knowledge. If you are ready and willing, she will supply you with the tools to feel your best self- from the inside out. She's a life changer.

Kate Bosworth

Penelope Cruz Nigma TalibNigma's comprehensive approach to health allowed me to pinpoint exactly what my body needed to give me the optimal glow from the inside and out. Her unique and natural approach reveals your skin-aging triggers and fixes them with simple dietary and supplementary changes. If You are serious about your health and well-being, Nigma's plan will change your life.
Penelope Cruz

Cecilie Holter Nigma TalibDon't be fooled by the ultra feminine, slender frame of this naturopathic doctor. Nigma Talib is a powerhouse of insight and skill. In fact, she is in the forefront of anti-aging non-invasive treatments that is quickly shortening the working hours of conventional plastic surgeons. I would not trust anyone else with my face; the way she softens wrinkles and boosts collagen production is nothing short of miraculous.
Cecilie Holter

Jeremy Piven Nigma TalibNigma not only is tireless in finding ways to improve your health she really cares about her patients. Great energy and willing to go the extra mile for you!
Jeremy Piven


Amelia Dorna Nigma TalibI love how Nigma works from the inside out. Knowing that you can only look and feel your best if you are functioning at your optimal health. She's truly an inspiration.
Amelia Dornan


Sienna Miller Nigma TalibNigma's plan has completely transformed my skin. She is truly amazing.
Sienna Miller


Laura Bailey Nigma TalibI rely on Nigma's intuitive expertise to boost my skin from within. I don't get enough sleep and I still drink more coffee than juice, but I now feel brighter and more balanced in all senses, mainly because of her.
Laura Bailey

Amanda Byram Nigma TalibDr. Nigma Talib has wands for hands! She is really a magician! I have have a few issues with my skin this year, it broke out severely and I was at a loss as to how to fix it. I also have had a back and hip issue caused by a labrum tear in my hip joint, and also my energy levels and moods have been low.

I was recommended to see Dr. Nigma, who doesn't just focus on one part of your body/health but your overall appearance and wellbeing, both inside and out. She is like an entire formula one team all rolled into one, fixing everything at the pit stop!

I have been all over the world and have seen many doctors, dermatologists, chiropractors, but no-one compares to Dr. Nigma. Apart from the fact that she herself is a walking advertisement for her anti ageing claims, she is wonderful to be around, and picks up on your ailments before you even tell her.

I cannot recommend Dr. Nigma highly enough, if you are serious about your appearance and your health and wellbeing.
Amanda Byram, TV Presenter

Elizabeth Chambers-Hammer Nigma TalibThere's nothing the woman can't do. Dr. Nigma is extraordinarily knowledgeable about health and beauty and her comprehensive approach heals from the inside out. Dr. Nigma completely prepared my body for pregnancy and I am positive that it's because of her that my entire experience was an absolute dream. After working with Dr. Nigma, I didn't have a single vitamin or mineral deficiency and had more energy than I have ever had before. Whether it's her work with stem cells and Intraceuticals externally or her use of supplemental regiments internally, Dr. Nigma's approach is refreshingly thorough and completely cutting edge.
Elizabeth Chambers-Hammer

Emilia Fox Nigma TalibI turn 40 next week and had the Revive & Hydrate treatment with Dr Nigma. The next day I was asked for identification when buying a bottle of wine in the supermarket. Need I say more! The greatest compliment after the greatest treatment that gives instantaneous, visible and lasting results. Dr Nigma gives you advice and help in every area of health and nutrition, skin and body care to make you feel completely radiant from inside to out and to feel that getting older is actually ok, can even be good and you can still feel beautiful.
Emilia Fox

Jacqui Ainsley Nigma Talib After 3 children and 12 years of modelling, to say my skin needs help is an understatement. A friend recommended Naturopathic doctor and miracle-worker Dr Nigma Talib two years ago and I haven't looked back. My skin has never been as radiant as when in Nigma's hands.

What I really love is how she harmonises internal and external beauty; focusing on nutrition and the body's needs as well as non-intrusive treatments and specialised products.

If you are looking for bespoke skincare TLC - Nigma's your woman.
Jacqui Ritchie

Keith Berkowitz Nigma Talib To whom it may concern:
I am writing on behalf of Dr. Nigma Talib, N.D. Dr. Talib has been a naturopathic doctor for over 12 years during which she has established herself as one of the leading experts in the field of wellness and lifestyle medicine. She has served as the founder of the West Vancouver Wellness Centre in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Clinic Director of Holistic Medicine at The Bowskill Clinic in London, England. Dr. Talib is also a key note lecturer for Nutri Limited Supplements and Herbs where she educates hundreds of practitioners in natural medicine throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Dr. Talib has the unique ability to help individuals better understand their health. She provides her clients with a "tool kit" of knowledge which enables them to improve their quality of life through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Her knowledge base about dietary supplements, lifestyle medicine and nutrition is unparallel. Dr. Talib is heavily sought after as a speaker and educator by clients, other health professionals and media worldwide.

Dr. Talib is a truly an outstanding professional who will a tremendous asset to my medical practice in New York. Her knowledge and understanding will dramatically help my clients improve their health and well being. Her worldwide experience will be essential in helping me better care for an international patient population.
Keith Berkowitz, M.D.

Judy Joo Nigma TalibDr. Talib has effective diagnosed and treated me for nearly every ailment I have ever had. She has reversed the clock and I have never looked or felt better. Everyone always thinks I am younger than I am, and people ask what is my secret all the time- it's Nigma Talib! If you are serious about your health and looking great in a natural way, you will be very happy in Dr. Talib's hands.
Judy Joo, Executive Chef for The Playboy Club London

Charlotte Tilbury Nigma TalibThe go to person for flawless skin is without a doubt, Dr. Nigma. She helps me achieve gorgeous skin through her cutting edge treatments and naturopathic/homeopathic medicines. Her signature treatments including LED, radiofrequency and hyperbaric oxygen infusions keep your collagen and elastin working even between sessions - my skin feels and looks plumped up, glowing and dewy. It's the ultimate youth-booster!
Charlotte Tilbury

Now what most people don't know is the sun down there is really harsh on the skin, and I had spent most of my working life outside in the sun, so Dr. Nigma had a real job on her hands.

After the first treatment I had friends and family telling me I looked ten years younger.

In 1996 I became a massage therapist through the New Zealand collage of massage, so I know when people have the gift for healing. Let me tell you this, as soon as Dr Nigma hands touched my face I could feel the heat coming out of her hands, I could feel the healing taking place, this woman has the great spirit working through her, now I try and go every month for the healing Dr. Nigma gives.

After every treatment I have I can feel how much better I am, it's not just the facelift, its a total healing for the hole body and mined, she has a gift from GOD. The last treatment I had I walked out of her treatment room feeling ten feet tall and totally refreshed, it was like I had my Mojo back.

What I like most about Dr Nigma is she takes the time to get to know you, she gives you everything she can give as a doctor, plus she has this great healing power from within, Dr. Nigma is one very special person. Cant wait for my next treatment.
Robert Smith, NZCMC, Massage Therapist

Non Surgical Facelift with Dr. Nigma in Notting Hill
Leading up to my 50th birthday last January 8th I decided that I needed to find the best facial treatment available. I certainly landed on my feet when I was pointed in Dr Nigma Talib's direction. I have had several treatments with Dr Nigma where she performed medical diamond microdermabrasion (in a class of its own compared to other dermabrasion treatments I've experienced) followed by the LED Red Light Therapy which interestingly has been used by NASA, the US Army and athletes for quick healing and preventing muscle breakdown.

The beauty of this treatment is that it is just that "a treatment" not a facial. In my opinion this treatment is one of the most effective and non-invasive ways I have experienced of rejuvenating and repairing my skin. Not only could I and my friends see substantial results after just one treatment but the effects have really lasted.

What happens is that the skin continues to repair and build collagen stimulation weeks after the treatment and my skin feels plump and firm. You can tell that this treatment goes very deep into the dermis layer of the skin. The stimulation of Collagen helps plump the skin, while the stimulation of elastic helps firm my skin.

Dr. Nigma ends the session with a detoxifying pure vitamin c mask that is bespoke for every individual and she explains has a molecular structure that enables this powerful antioxidant to stay in the skin for at least 72 hours.

The science of this treatment is incredible and every woman who is over the age of 25 should be thinking of having these treatments to treat and prevent ageing skin with regards to texture, collagen, elasticity and pigment issues. I have referred many patients to Dr. Nigma for a range of totally different issues and all of them have been incredibly happy with the results.
Carole Caplin

I took the food allergy/intolerance test after speaking to Dr Nigma regarding recent dizziness, my long term skin reaction problems and difficulty in losing weight around my lower abdomen, which she suspected could all be down to food intolerances. After receiving my results I thought it would be difficult to eliminate certain foods from my diet, however with the simple to follow report and recommended food alternatives I found it relatively easy and within six weeks had lost over 9lbs, noticed a major difference in my lower abdomen as well as improved skin and energy levels. I've made the change permanently now and would recommend it to everybody. If you would like to speak to me in person please ask at reception and I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Simon Bradbrook, BodyWorksWest Club Manager

Dr. Nigma Talib is an enthusiastic, passionate physician with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Her commitment to education and advancement of natural medicine in both Canada and the UK is admirable. Having established two extremely successful naturopathic medical clinics in West Vancouver, British Columbia and London, England has given her breadth and depth of experience. These achievements, among others, gives her commendations and accolades from professional colleagues and her patients alike.
Dr Justin Lafreniere, ND

Dear Sir/Madam,
I met Dr. Nigma Talib in 2002, during an ayurvedic lecture that was being conducted for the opening of a new Ayurvedic Health Spa in Vancouver, B.C. I had come to learn that one of the reasons Dr. Nigma was attending the educational lecture was to connect with the spa and cross promote her profession with that of the spa's. Having that consciousness and foresight to bond together not only on a business level, but to provide and extend this level of support to her clients and the spa's, was a very profound concept to me.

I immediately felt gravitated to her magnetic aura that glows immanently all around her, and set up my 1st appointment with her for a Naturopathy session shortly there after. Dr. Nigma listened to all my concerns intently during my appointment(s) with her, and I found that I felt validated and heard. Intuitively she knew to provide acupuncture to deflate the built up stress I was carrying through out my body and mind. I started feeling better with in our fist session.

I feel very grateful to have received her care and guidance as my Naturopath Doctor. I believe Dr. Nigma goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to her profession. Providing her knowledge and wisdom to me has impacted my life positively on so many levels. I look forward to our visits and continue to strive for optimum health with her guidance and compassion for her the love of her profession. Dr. Nigma continues to inspire me to do better for my health and well being and that of others.

Dr. Nigma is a true reflection of the love she shares for her profession in Naturopathy.

To know Dr. Nigma is a blessing that is dearly cherished in my life and I am sure has touched numerous others along her way.
Cindy Holcombe

Dr Nigma Talib has been a consistent source of referral for me in my daily practice. I am very fortunate that she understands the relationship between the musculoskeletal system and physiological health and that we work in the same building! She is an integral part of my work.

Dr Talib surpasses this understanding and obvious wealth of knowledge with true application and determination to help her patients. Her level of expertise and constant striving for a 'no nonsense' results based practice is truly impressive, particularly when one considers the very challenging areas of patient health which she works in.

Dr Talib is always finding time for educational development and specialises in the female systems, and has provided truly life changing protocols to patients, for example, helping women conceive.

I am certain that Dr Talib deserves recognition for her work and her energy to develop her skills and her patients lives. I'm sure that she will go on to further recognition in the future.
Andrew Jackson

Dr. Nigma Talib is a gift to healthcare. Not only for her vast knowledge, but her tireless commitment to her patients' well-being- mentally, physically and spiritually. The end result is an extraordinary level of care that is rarely seen.
Dr. Michelle Sayour DDS

To whom it may concern,
As a colleague and friend of Dr Talib I can account for her high level of professionalism, personal accomplishments and remarkable achievements. Having established herself as a leading clinician and educator in the United Kingdom Dr Talib sets a precedent in the complementary medicine industry for outstanding patient care, as a physician, and as a leader in her field, as an educator.

Having been fortunate enough to work with Dr Talib on a national seminar circuit and a leading lifestyle medicine training program for health professionals I am happy to authenticate her unprecedented professionalism.
Benjamin Brown

To whom it may concern,
As I am sure you would agree, based on her many exceptional achievements, Dr. Nigma Talib is one of the most accomplished individuals in her field. It is therefore, an honor to have her as a lifelong member of Princeton Global Network.

Each year, our board of directors reviews thousands of applications before extending invitations to the most impressive applicants. Candidates are evaluated based on their education, career achievements, affiliations, philanthropic projects, creative works, and awards. Our board decided unanimously that Dr. Talib had demonstrated the hard work, dedication, and perseverance worthy of recognition. A pioneer and leader of naturopathic medicine, she has made immeasurable contributions to healthcare and been an outstanding role model for the community.

It is with the utmost enthusiasm that Princeton Global Network affirms Dr. Nigma's standing within our organization and with great pleasure that we congratulate her on her recent selection for the Asian Women of Achievement Award.
Best wishes for continued success,
John Priest
Member Services
Princeton Global Network

I am delighted to be able to support Dr Talib for the nomination of Asian Women of Achievement Award. Having worked alongside her for the last eighteen months I have witnessed the enormous health benefits that she has provided not only to my clients but also in improving the health of my family and I.

Dr Talib's role as a Naturopathic physician is fairly unique in this country and she fills a vital role within the Bowskill Clinic in our aim to provide holistic health care. In my dealings with clients who present with pain and dysfunction there are often other health issues affecting their recovery. I am able to refer them with confidence to Dr Talib in the knowledge that they will receive a thorough examination of their health systems and receive the best appropriate treatment. This treatment does not involve the use of medication but involves for example dietary advice and the use natural supplements to heal and support their body.

With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,
Mr James Pinkney BA BSc MCSP
Chartered Physiotherapist

Dr. Nigma Talib is an enthusiastic, passionate physician with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Her commitment to education and advancement of natural medicine in both Canada and the UK is admirable. Having established two extremely successful naturopathic medical clinics in West Vancouver, British Columbia and London, England has given her breadth and depth of experience. These achievements, among others, gives her commendations and accolades from professional colleagues and her patients alike.
Dr. Justin Lafreniere, ND

With only two years in the UK, Dr Talib has made a significant impact for good within the care and treatment of adults and children with chronic conditions /disease.

Multi disciplinary health professionals and adults / children with unrelenting chronic illness have benefited greatly from the clinical expertise and charisma of Dr Talib.

In conferences and lectures I have attended there is exceptional clarity and content in presentations given by Dr Talib. Indeed they are informative and inspirational and have helped in my quest to pursue Nutritional Therapy.

I am grateful and excited for the opportunities to meet with Dr Talib to discuss effective treatments for sick children with chronic illness and also my own health problems.

It is immeasurable what good effect may be achieved with Dr Talib's excellent standard of care and knowledge in Naturopathic medicine for the deluge of chronically sick individuals in the UK.

Thank you for all the care and attention you give and all the very best in your future practice.
Alison Cottingham
SRN, RSCN, BSc Hons Childrens Community Nursing

Dr Nigma Talib has been a valuable member of the Nutri Team, Presenting clinical tools and evidence based medicine on many subjects to a variety of practitioners with the United Kingdom.

Many of these events were to maximum capacity. Dr Talib has the proven ability and confidence to lead events and motivate members of the profession through a combination of industry experience and an approachable personality. We are very fortunate to be associated with such a professional.

Louise Joyce, ND
Naturopathic Doctor

I am delighted to hear that Dr Nigma Talib has been nominated for the Asian Woman of the Year Award. I have had the privilege of working alongside Dr Talib in both Canada and the UK; and she has always displayed a rare level of professionalism. Patients, colleagues and peers have all commented on her respectful, genuine, collaborative and patient-centred approach to healthcare. I have referred many of my own clients to her, not only because I implicitly trust her medical expertise but also because I know that even my most anxious and emotionally fragile clients will feel safe, listened to and cared for from the moment that they step into her office. Dr Talib is dedicated to and passionate about helping patients and the general public in the realms of both physical and emotional health. She is a practitioner, an educator and an eternal and dedicated 'student'- always keeping abreast of current research.

Dr Talib is a role model for women but also for other health professionals. She has figured out how to build and run two successful businesses whilst lecturing to her peers all over the UK, without sacrificing her values of integrity, community and education. She is never too busy to reassure or support her patients (outside of appointment hours) whether in person, on the phone or via email and is always happy to share her knowledge or brainstorm with colleagues in the Bowskill clinic. On the occasions that I have referred female adolescent clients to Dr Talib I know that in addition to receiving the optimum health care they are also benefitting from time spent with a successful and ethical female role model.
Anna Hamer, BSc Hons, MA

Dear Sir or Madame,
Please accept this letter of consideration as you review Dr. Nigma Talib for the Asian Woman Award.

I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Talib on a personal and professional level for the past7 years.

When we first met, I was instantly intrigued by the amazing information Dr. Talib provided about naturopathic medicine in a casual conversation. It was very easy to see how passionate she was about her work and wanting to change the health of people, one person at a time.

I knew Dr. Talib was the answer to our family's prayers. At that time, my dear Aunt was battling cancer in the final stages at the time. The chemo and radiation treatment were grueling and Dr. Talib provided us with options to treat the disease with natural methods and this greatly helped ease some of the agonizing suffering my Aunt was going through at the time. It took one treatment to see the difference but my Aunt's health not only improved because of the amazing procedures but the "amazing, powerful, healing hands of Nigma." Those were her words and she would ask to see Nigma as often as possible. My Aunt cried receiving conventional medical attention and beamed with happiness with she visited with Dr. Talib. Those were a few tough years made a lot easier because we were blessed to have Dr. Talib touch our lives. After my Aunt passed away - I continued to see Dr. Talib myself as she had also treated me for Typhiod after getting sick while reporting overseas.

Naturally our relationship developed into a great friendship and we ventured off to do numerous magazine articles, radio and television segments on various topics. Our purpose was to get the word out about amazing treatments that were helping saving lives.

Being a certified, trusted and knowledgeable source, Dr. Talib became one of the most sought after medical experts in our community... naturally.

She can deliver information flawlessly and make it easy to understand for all audiences.

If there is any further information you require, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Sincere Regards,
Kuljeet Kaila

Dr Talib,
Mathilde and I are thrilled that you have been nominated for these awards. You are an extremely hard works, and you certainly deserve some credit!

You are an extremely hard works, and you certainly deserve some credit! As you well know, Mathilde and I had tried for many years on our own to get pregnant, and were unsuccessful on account of my testicular cancer, as well as our aging reproductive systems. When we came to you for some help with our general health, but specifically some help and support in our quest to have a baby, we were both very discouraged as we had been told by our fertility clinic that it was likely not in our cards, and that there was nothing more that they could do to help us. You took us in as your project, and you worked very hard to get our bodies healthy again.

After over 2 years of hard work and your dedication to our good health - we were delighted to find out that Mathilde was Pregnant with our little Daphney! You never gave up on us and we truly believe that your professional expertise along with your emotional support is what helped us achieve our dream. We cannot imagine how our lives would be without Daphney, she has enriched our lives more than we had even imagined a child could. Once again we thank you from the very bottom of our hearts, and wish you the best for these nominations.

Warmest Regards (with a big hug),
Mathilde & Ashley Slater
North Vancouver, Canada

We are absolutely delighted with the advice that we received from Dr Nigma Talib and although we are in our mid-80's, it has made significant improvements in areas of general health. We are establishing very regular digestion and to a large extent getting rid of arthritis and some of the pains we had in our limbs.
W.C and J. C