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    Dr. Nigma Talib, Naturopathic Doctor

    Appointments By referral only 

    Please contact us by phone or email:
    Phone: (310) 620-7944
    Fax: (310) 504-1692
    Email : info@healthydoc.com

    Mailing address (this is not the physical location of the premises, this is for mail and deliveries only)

    9440 Santa Monica Blvd
    Suite 301
    Beverly Hills 90210

    Dr. Nigma is not accepting new patients without a referral from a patient or health care practitioner.

    Please note:
    We receive a high volume of emails. We can supply all current and prospective patients with the following frequently asked information:

    We do not accept any health and wellness information by email and cannot consult patients via email or phone. New patients will need to make an appointment for an initial Naturopathic Consultation which will include reviewing your chief health concerns and treatment discussion and wellness plan.

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