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    Dr.Nigma Talib, my husband, Anand, and I have been working together for the past few years. She has been an invaluable guide in helping Anand address his challenges with gut health and in facilitating my pursuit of overall improved immunity. During covid, she supported us with critical insights & information into diagnosing my husbands 'long covid' and in helping me recover such that I may be prepared for the film I shot in January of 2021. As Anand and I explored parenthood, Dr.Nigma went over and above to make the time and share her research on how to ensure my body was as prepared as possible to support a pregnancy after all the film related work and travel I have done over the past 18 years. Once we did get the positive results, she provided all the guidance and literature to ensure that my baby and I could be as well supported as possible. She also provided a perspective on appropriate activity to engage in based on how I was progressing and more important than all else, just an empathetic ear as the friend she has become. Dr. Nigma's knowledge and expertise are truly remarkable, and her years of practice make her truly an expert in her field unlike anyone else I have met. She listens carefully and understands completely as she diagnoses and provides gentle, natural, actionable solutions.  Dr. Nigma comes with our highest recommendations.. she has become one of our closest friends and advisors and she also practices what she teaches, leading truly by example. Thank you for everything Dr.Nigma, your  expertise and support are essential to our well-being and we are incredibly grateful to have you in our lives! 
    Love, --Sonam & Anand


    Elissa Goodman

     As a holistic nutritionist, I prioritize seeking out the best   functional and naturopathic doctors for my clients and myself.   Dr. Nigma Talib is absolutely amazing! She truly cares about   her patients and shows her dedication to helping you from the   moment you meet. Her main goal is to truly dig deep to get to   the root of your health issues as well as help find a long-lasting solution. I love Dr. Nigma’s energy, commitment to her patients, and how she truly listens.  -- Elissa Goodman


    I’m beyond thrilled with the results I’ve experienced from taking Beauty in a Bottle! I feel energized and have noticed a huge change in the strength of my nails, and my skin is noticeably softer. I could also tell my hair felt thicker, but even better, my hairdresser noticed as well. She asked what I changed about 3 months ago, based on the length of new hair growth - that’s Beauty In A Bottle!

    These results were enough to show how much my body clearly needed this supplement, but it’s also helped my thyroid function too! I had been taking supplements and testing my thyroid function for many months...but the addition of this supplement, with the Zinc and Selenium it contains, gave it the boost it needed back into the ideal range. I’ve told so many friends to try this - it really works!! -- Dr. Michelle Sayour

    Dawn DeSylvia Nigma TalibTis the season for things to shine! So thank you Dr. Nigma for your inspired and truly beautiful (inside and out) line of skin care products.

    Most people don’t know that our skin “drinks” in more than our mouths, so it is vital that what we use is full of nutrients and absent of harmful chemicals (that most of our retail skin care products are laden with).

    I have been in love with her Beauty serum #1 and Crème #1. In the natural product world it has been challenging to find products that are both good for us, but also highly effective (your skin immediately feels like silk upon application!). And now that she’s come out with her cleanser, it really completes the set. These are top on my list of gifts this year!  -- Dr. Dawn DeSylvia

    Jaimie Dornan Nigma TalibI love how Nigma works from the inside out. Knowing that you can only look and feel your best if you are functioning at your optimal health. She's truly an inspiration. -- Jamie Dornan



    Rosie Huntington-WhiteleyIf I get a spot, people say, "It doesn't matter - you can get it airbrushed at work." That's true, but I also want to look fresh when I'm with my mum, or I'm having a romantic night in. That's why I'm diligent with my skin care. In London, I see [dermatologist] Dr Nigma Talib. -- Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


    Stella MccartneyDr Nigma's book is pioneering the real solution to ageing gracefully. It is a must read for anyone wanting to look and feel their best at any age. -- Stella Mccartney



    Kate BosworthDr. Nigma gives her patients power through knowledge. If you are ready and willing, she will supply you with the tools to feel your best self- from the inside out. She's a life changer. -- Kate Bosworth


    Penelope CruzNigma's comprehensive approach to health allowed me to pinpoint exactly what my body needed to give me the optimal glow from the inside and out. Her unique and natural approach reveals your skin-aging triggers and fixes them with simple dietary and supplementary changes. If You are serious about your health and well-being, Nigma's plan will change your life. -- Penelope Cruz


    Cecilie HolterDon't be fooled by the ultra feminine, slender frame of this naturopathic doctor. Nigma Talib is a powerhouse of insight and skill. In fact, she is in the forefront of anti-aging non-invasive treatments that is quickly shortening the working hours of conventional plastic surgeons. I would not trust anyone else with my face; the way she softens wrinkles and boosts collagen production is nothing short of miraculous. -- Cecilie Holter

    Jeremy PivenNigma not only is tireless in finding ways to improve your health she really cares about her patients. Great energy and willing to go the extra mile for you! -- Jeremy Piven





    Amelia DornanI love how Nigma works from the inside out. Knowing that you can only look and feel your best if you are functioning at your optimal health. She's truly an inspiration. -- Amelia Dornan




    Sienna MillerNigma's plan has completely transformed my skin. She is truly amazing. -- Sienna Miller





    Laura BaileyI rely on Nigma's intuitive expertise to boost my skin from within. I don't get enough sleep and I still drink more coffee than juice, but I now feel brighter and more balanced in all senses, mainly because of her. -- Laura Bailey



    Amanda ByramDr. Nigma Talib has wands for hands! She is really a magician! I have have a few issues with my skin this year, it broke out severely and I was at a loss as to how to fix it. I also have had a back and hip issue caused by a labrum tear in my hip joint, and also my energy levels and moods have been low.

    I was recommended to see Dr. Nigma, who doesn't just focus on one part of your body/health but your overall appearance and wellbeing, both inside and out. She is like an entire formula one team all rolled into one, fixing everything at the pit stop!

    I have been all over the world and have seen many doctors, dermatologists, chiropractors, but no-one compares to Dr. Nigma. Apart from the fact that she herself is a walking advertisement for her anti ageing claims, she is wonderful to be around, and picks up on your ailments before you even tell her.

    I cannot recommend Dr. Nigma highly enough, if you are serious about your appearance and your health and wellbeing. -- Amanda Byram, TV Presenter

    Elizabeth Chambers-HammerThere's nothing the woman can't do. Dr. Nigma is extraordinarily knowledgeable about health and beauty and her comprehensive approach heals from the inside out. Dr. Nigma completely prepared my body for pregnancy and I am positive that it's because of her that my entire experience was an absolute dream. After working with Dr. Nigma, I didn't have a single vitamin or mineral deficiency and had more energy than I have ever had before. Whether it's her work with stem cells and Intraceuticals externally or her use of supplemental regiments internally, Dr. Nigma's approach is refreshingly thorough and completely cutting edge. -- Elizabeth Chambers-Hammer

    Emilia FoxI turn 40 next week and had the Revive & Hydrate treatment with Dr Nigma. The next day I was asked for identification when buying a bottle of wine in the supermarket. Need I say more! The greatest compliment after the greatest treatment that gives instantaneous, visible and lasting results. Dr Nigma gives you advice and help in every area of health and nutrition, skin and body care to make you feel completely radiant from inside to out and to feel that getting older is actually ok, can even be good and you can still feel beautiful. -- Emilia Fox

    Jacqui RitchieAfter 3 children and 12 years of modelling, to say my skin needs help is an understatement. A friend recommended Naturopathic doctor and miracle-worker Dr Nigma Talib two years ago and I haven't looked back. My skin has never been as radiant as when in Nigma's hands.

    What I really love is how she harmonizes internal and external beauty; focusing on nutrition and the body's needs as well as non-intrusive treatments and specialized products.

    If you are looking for bespoke skincare TLC - Nigma's your woman. -- Jacqui Ritchie

    Judy JooDr. Talib has effective diagnosed and treated me for nearly every ailment I have ever had. She has reversed the clock and I have never looked or felt better. Everyone always thinks I am younger than I am, and people ask what is my secret all the time- it's Nigma Talib! If you are serious about your health and looking great in a natural way, you will be very happy in Dr. Talib's hands. -- Judy Joo, Executive Chef for The Playboy Club London

    Charlotte TilburyThe go to person for flawless skin is without a doubt, Dr. Nigma. She helps me achieve gorgeous skin through her cutting edge treatments and naturopathic/homeopathic medicines. Her signature treatments including LED, radiofrequency and hyperbaric oxygen infusions keep your collagen and elastin working even between sessions - my skin feels and looks plumped up, glowing and dewy. It's the ultimate youth-booster! -- Charlotte Tilbury

    My amazing friend and doctor.. I give credit for getting pregnant to her care and advice. If you need the best alternative, natural therapy.. @drnigmatalib is literally the best. -- Sonam Kapoor 




    My healing journey with Dr. Nigma has been truly amazing and helpful. I came in with complicated and mysterious issues that had been very difficult to treat in the past. She took a comprehensive and holistic approach with me that was very effective in treating my symptoms and overall health.  From herbs to supplements and IVs, to ground breaking ozone therapy, my gut health and digestion have never been better. She goes above and beyond in caring for her patients. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Nigma and all that she has done to help me feel and look my best! --Yassi L.


     I had just turned 30 when I met Dr. Nigma and was newly focused on prioritizing my skin and health. At that point, I had spent a considerable amount of time and money getting facials and buying topical skin products that didn’t seem to address the root cause of my problems. During my first appointment, Dr. Nigma detected that I was eating foods that were irritating me. She helped me identify the culprits immediately through food sensitivity testing. I discovered that so much of what I thought was “good for me” was actually irritating my gut and showing up on my skin in the form of breakouts, redness, aging, etc. Brussel sprouts, beets, quinoa, almonds, legumes… the list goes on. Of course, dairy was a culprit (isn’t it always?!). 

    My first “facial” with Dr. Nigma put everything else I had tried to shame. We did what she calls a “non surgical face lift” which for me was a mix of IPL, micro needling, oxygen, and LED light. The “freckles” I thought I had genetically were actually considerable sun damage (or hyper pigmentation). After that first treatment, I was hooked and totally committed to Dr. Nigma. The equipment she uses is the best in the world which is evident in the treatement results. I’ve tried both Morpheus 8 and Micro Needling with PRP and found them to be life changing. Tighter pores, more even skin tone, healthier texture, and collagen boosting, cellular renewal.

    I’ve worked with Dr. Nigma on my diet and supplement regime, which I credit with making me feel great every day. I’ve experienced healthier hair (Beauty In a Bottle), skin, gut/digestion (probiotic) and an all-around sense of well-being and confidence that I lacked prior to having Nigma in my life. 

    Dr. Nigma is so much more than a skin expert to me. When something about my health feels off, Dr. Nigma is the first person I call. She always answers (even on weekends!) and makes me feel incredibly supported throughout my health and wellness journey. If you happen to be lucky enough to see Dr. Nigma, she will make you feel like so much more than a patient. She will take care of you like you are family. --Lacey Young

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