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    Naturopathic Treatments

    Naturopathic Visit - Initial
    60 minutes $650.00

    An initial naturopathic visit is the first introduction the patient and Dr. Nigma will have. At the Healthydoc clinic a health questionnaire and consent form is sent out prior to your initial consultation so that Dr. Nigma can review your health concerns and aspirations foregoing each consultation allowing her a firm understanding of the patient.

    Naturopathic Visit - Follow up
    60 minutes $650.00
    30 minutes $300.00

    A naturopathic follow up visit is one month after the initial visit provided the patient does not require extra services or advice in the interim.

    The follow up visit with Dr. Talib will enable the patient to gain all the insight of the testing that has followed the consultation.

    Naturopathic Needling
    45 minutes $500.00

    Naturopathic Needling treats a wide variety of health conditions utilizing thin, sterile acupuncture needles that are inserted to mobilize Qi or energy meridians. Naturopathic Needling has been shown to invigorate the function of muscles, nerves, vessels, and organs which help reduce inflammation, scar tissue and promote healing.



    Anti-Aging Treatments

    Dr. Nigma Bespoke Non-Surgical Face Treatment
    60 minutes $700.00

    This treatment includes a very unique combination of a treatment called HydraFacial and Dr Nigma's own Non-Surgical Face Lift.

    This is then followed with Dr Nigma's Hyaluronic acid and Collagen infusion with intense LED lights to plump and nourish and strengthen your skin while locking antioxidants and stem cells into your skin which then creates a protective layer on the surface of your skin. This in turn will prevent premature ageing through daily pollution and sun damage.

    Dr. Nigma Bespoke Platinum Treatment
    60 minutes $700.00

    Dr. Nigma has brought to her clinics the ultimate treatment that she herself has frequently to maintain healthy, glowing and tight skin. This Multi-step treatment combines lymphatic drainage, hydra dermabrasion, a polishing red carpet ready chemical peel and painless extractions. The scientific procedure delivers antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid and Dr. Nigma's very own Swiss botanical and plant stems cells to give your skin the much needed moisture, deep from within.

    IPL Skin Resurfacing
    60 minutes $750.00

    Lumecca (IPL) is the most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) to treat pigmented and vascular lesions. After use, patients notice significant improvements in the complexion and clarity of the skin. Lumecca operates using photo- thermolysis, which provides a photo facial through the delivery of a comfortable light treatment.

    Microneedling with PRP
    90 minutes $1,250.00

    The Dr. Nigma Micro Needling PRP procedure uses a sterile needle-tip containing 12 tiny micro-needles to create controlled micro-injuries to the skin. This initiates the skin's repair process to naturally procedure collagen and elastin, ideal for smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, traumatic scars, and stretch marks. Micro-channels created by the treatment allow for optimal absorption of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), enhancing their effects in the deeper layers of skin.

    Fractora Skin Resurfacing
    90 minutes $2,400.00

    Fractora skin treatment is a fractional rejuvenation and resurfacing treatment that reduces wrinkles to slow the effects of ageing and restore skin to its youthful appearance. Fractora is the most advanced fractional radio-frequency treatment providing anti-ageing improvements on skin tone and texture for a more radiant appearance through ablation and skin resurfacing. Fractora can be used in areas that demonstrate fine or deep wrinkles, scars or discolored red and brown skin tones.

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    Skin Peel
    Skin Peels are approached on a strictly bespoke basis at the HealthyDoc Clinic. All client's have different skin aspirations and skin types therefor the type of peel used is carefully considered prior to application.

    Forma Radio Frequency Skin Tightening
    Radio Frequency is a relaxing treatment that involves the application of a cosmetic gel and a warm wand passing over the skin in sweeping circular motions. The wand gently heats the lower levels of the skin to approximately 43°c; this tricks the brain into thinking there has been a potential injury and stimulates a healing response. This in turn causes increased collagen production and tightening of elastin fibres. The tightening of elastin fibres is instant meaning the skin appears tighter and lifted from the first treatment.


    How do I book an appointment?

    Dr. Nigma is currently only taking new patients by referral only. For inquiries please email: info@healthydoc.com

    Please let us know which treatment you would like and which day you would like to book and please provide the following:

    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • Address
    • Email
    • Phone number

    This will enable us to complete the booking. In addition, in order to secure your booking we will need to take your payment details.

    Is there a cancellation policy?

    Please advise all appointments will be paid at the time of booking. We have a strict 48 Hour cancellation policy. Any changes to the appointment made after 48 hours will not be refunded, however, a credit will be applied towards your next appointment.

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