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    Time: 60 Minutes
    Areas : Over all Body Wellness

    An initial naturopathic visit is the first introduction the patient and Dr. Nigma will have. At the Healthydoc clinic a health questionnaire and consent form is sent out prior to your initial consultation so that Dr. Nigma can review your health concerns and aspirations foregoing each consultation allowing her a firm understanding of the patient.

    An initial consultation will lead Dr. Nigma in a direction of understanding to each patient’s unique life style demand and challenges. Stress points and dietary protocols discussed will reveal to Dr. Nigma insight and a correlation between topical symptoms and the potential root cause will start to take shape.

    To move from a guesstimate to a scientific certainty many functional laboratory tests are conducted to reveal the root cause of the patients concern.

    These tests are frequently done in the initial consultation. The following are examples of the most popular tests but is not limited to this list:

    Adrenal Function Test

    Evaluating your adrenal stress hormones is important particularly when dealing with chronic health conditions. The Adrenal glands are involved in supporting your body during emotional, physiological or environmental stress.

    Food and Inhalant Allergy Assessment

    Individual food and environmental allergies are determined through blood serum analysis using Immunoglobins (IgG and IgE). Exposure to allergens creates inflammation in your body and produces symptoms that can include: acne, arthritis, asthma, autoimmune disease, eczema, fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, hormonal imbalances, immunodeficiency, psoriasis, and sinusitis.

    Cardiovascular Health Profile

    A comprehensive cardiovascular profile includes markers that enable early detection of heart disease up to 30% more effectively compared to conventional cholesterol testing alone. The scientific literature clearly establishes that elevated insulin, glucose, homocysteine, fibrinogen, high sensitivity C-reactive protein, triglycerides, and LDL dramatically increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other arterial diseases. Regular assessments of these markers are necessary as significant changes can occur over the course of one year, meaning that previous tests may not accurately reflect current cardiovascular risk status.

    Comprehensive Digestive Still Assessments

    Bacteria and parasites are transmitted through contaminated food and water and may remain in our system, chronically affecting our overall health. Bacterial, yeast, and parasitic infections are the root cause of many digestive disorders.

    Genetic Testing

    DNA is the “blueprint for building life” and key to determining your genitive predisposition to specific illnesses. With this information we can offer individualized diet, lifestyle and supplement therapy specific for your DNA needs. This is a very pro-active approach to healthcare.

    Bone Measurement Test

    This test is critical in the prevention of bone loss throughout all stages of life. Accelerated bone loss leads to a condition known as Osteoporosis, which is defined as reduced bone density causing an increased risk of fractures.

    Toxic Metal and Essential Mineral Analysis

    Heavy metals and essential minerals are quantitatively measured using a provocation urine collection. It is important to remove toxins from your body as an increased burden of toxic elements is related to many chronic diseases.

    Thyroid Analysis

    A comprehensive assessment of all the thyroid hormones is used to evaluate your body’s metabolism and diagnose disorders not able to be resolved through conventional medical assessments.

    Vitamin Assessment

    Research has shown that 50% of people who take supplements will remain deficient in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. A specialized blood test can determine specific supplements you may require to prevent disease and enable optimal health.

    Female and Male Salivary Hormonal Assessments

    Salivary hormone testing provides an accurate assessment of your hormonal balance by measuring stored levels of hormones. Hormones are related to the aging process, emotional health, heart health, fertility, immune function and breast and prostate cancer.


    Time: 30-60 minutes
    Areas: Overall Body Wellness

    A naturopathic follow up visit is one month after the initial visit provided the patient does not require extra services or advice in the interim.

    The follow up visit with Dr. Talib will enable the patient to gain all the insight of the testing that has followed the consultation.

    The follow up consultation is crucial for the analysis of the test results by Dr. Nigma and will see her prescribe a course of supplementation to rectify the disclosed areas of concern. Frequently life style and diet plans are discussed and constructed at this point to aid the course of supplementation that Dr. Nigma has compassed for the patient.

    Dr. Nigma has in-depth knowledge of Chinese medicine and homeopathy with she will incorporate should the patients’ needs dictates this alongside western supplementation for maximum efficiency.

    Follow up appointments are encouraged quarterly to review how the patient is feeling and discuss their program, make alterations and to have a heightened understanding of the changes implemented and the ultimate results achieved.


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